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Serendipia BRand mochilas cabecera Lookbook.jpg

Same essence, different styles.


If you already know our history , you know where we come from, what we are passionate about, what each Serendipia you see on the street implies.


We wanted to create a backpack that could really become your daily companion, that could take you to work, to class, on a trip, adventure or for a simple walk.


Why couldn't a backpack be combined with fashion, style, quality or sustainability? Today, we have a Serendipia for each profile: you put the limit, we the companion ;).


Serendipia Brand style lookbook dakota.jpg

Dakota Collection. Companion for the day-a-day

Designed to become your new inseparable. Compact size, ideal for daily, multiple compartments. For him, for her, for you, wherever you go.

Combining it and making it yours is an easy task, its variety of colors and fabrics will make you find a Dakota for every occasion.

Serendipia Brand dakota.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia brand Dakota new 3.jpg
Serendipia Dakota mochilas.jpg
Dakota colecction Serendipia Brand.jpg

What if... you also have it waterproof ?

D  A  K  O  T  A


Serendipia brand Dakota waterproof Scarlet.jpg
Dakota WP Serendipia Brand recycled reciclada botellas bottles.jpg
Mochila Dakota Waterproof Scarlet Serendipia Brand resistente agua reciclada.jpg
Mochila Dakota Waterproof Forest Serendipia Brand resistente agua reciclada.jpg
Mochila Dakota Waterproof Caramel Serendipia Brand resistente agua reciclada.jpg
Mochila Dakota Waterproof Mustard Serendipia Brand resistente agua reciclada.jpg
Dakota WP Serendipia Brand waterproof 350T.jpg

NO&DO Collection. Made for everything you can imagine.

The NO&DO collection is ideal for almost any occasion. This model offers us space, comfort and above all versatility. To travel, or simply go to work or study, your NO&DO will not keep anyone indifferent. Its original opening system makes it extremely comfortable, difficult for thieves and onlookers, its esthetic has just our exclusive  Serendipia style.

Its size allows you to carry almost everything you can imagine without being oversized: standard size, surprising capacity ;).

Bolsos mochilas Serendipia BRand NO&DO Burdeos.jpg
New 1.jpg
Serendipia Brand NO&DO Colección mochilas.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia NO&DO Burdeos front.jpg
Captura de pantalla 2022-04-11 a las 17.32.47.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia NO&DO Gray.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia brand NO&DO Oliva.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia NO&DO Camel.jpg
Serendipia Mochilas NO&DO Collection.JPG
Serendipia Brand NO&DO Mochilas.jpg
Serendipia Brand NO&DO Mochilas.jpg

Chester Collection. With the special Serendipia style.

Vintage touch with modern style. The mix of colors makes it unique, original and striking to anyone. Its briefcase-type opening system allows you to access the content quickly and comfortably. Its padded handles will make your day to day more comfortable. The perfect mix between space and versatility, between style and practicality. We love to introduce you to our Chester collection. 

Mochilas Serendipia - Chester Cocoa front.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia - Chester Dune front.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Chester Street.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand.jpg


by Serendipia

Mochilas Serendipia Brand 5573.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand 5007.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand 5425.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand 5313.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand 5448.jpg
New 4.jpg

Harlem Collection. Versatile.

The smallest of the Serendipia's family. Harlem waist bag collection will give you the freedom that others can't ;). Along with your backpack, you will have the perfect combo, the ideal pair.

Harlem Carola Serendipia Brand riñonera side.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand 4956.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand 5657.jpg
RIñonera Serendipia Harlem Beige.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Riñonera Harlem Martins side.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Riñonera Harlem Kansas front.jpg
Mochilas riñoneras Serendipia Harlem Dark side.jpg
Mochilas Serendipia Brand.jpg
Serendipia Brand mochilas tienda online.jpg
Mochilas bolsos Serendipia BRand NO&DO Camel.jpg
New 4.jpg
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